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DU Abroad Content Creators regularly contribute written and visual material to be posted on the DU Abroad Blog.  

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Current Content Creators

Anne Berset 

India – University of Hyerderabad , 2018 Fall

Anne Berset is double majoring in Creative Writing and Psychology as well as a minor in Philosophy. She is studying at the University of Hyderabad in India for the Fall term, where she will be taking philosophy and political science courses. She hopes to gain a new perspective on culture, politics, and religion  while abroad. Anne loves to watch films, go on hikes, and spend time with animals. 

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Chelsea Hernandez

Australia– University of Tasmania, 2018 Fall

Chelsea Hernandez is currently a Senior studying Journalism and Criminology. She is studying abroad in Tasmania, Australia for the Fall Quarter of 2018. Chelsea is hoping learn about a variety of cultures, not just the Tasmanian one, as many of her peers abroad are from different countries all over the world. After graduation this upcoming Spring, she hopes to gain more experience in Journalism and land an internship somewhere in Denver

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Zoe Kaldor Edited

Zoe Kaldor

Argentina– IFSA: Mendoza Universities Program, 2018 Fall

Zoe Kaldor is an International Studies and Strategic Communication double major. She is studying abroad with IFSA-Butler in Mendoza, Argentina. Originally from New York, DU’s study abroad program was one of the reasons Zoe chose to attend DU. She specifically chose to study abroad in Argentina because she wants to improve her Spanish skills and experience a new culture, for she believes it is so important in an increasingly global society to be able to communicate in languages besides English as well as experience different ways of life. Zoe is an avid traveler and loves to explore new places; she is excited she gets to do both.

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Hannah Langford

Hannah Langford

Czech Republic– Masaryk University, 2018 Fall

Hannah Langford is taking a break from studying Integrated Sciences at DU to study history and culture at Masaryk University in Brno, Czech Republic. She’s looking forward to exploring the unique geography and outdoor opportunities in the area and the surrounding countries. She’s also looking  forward to eating a lot of chocolate.

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Alice Major

Alice Major

Scotland– University of Glasgow, 2018 Fall

Alice Major is studying at the University of Glasgow in Glasgow, Scotland. She is a double major, focusing mostly on music and adding history because history is cool. Study abroad is Alice’s first time out of the country, and she hopes to come home in one piece and with a wicked Scottish accent.

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Cecelia Palmquist

Cecelia Palmquist

China– Peking University, 2018 Fall

Hello, my name is Cecelia Palmquist. I’m a Colorado native studying at Peking University. While in China, I am also interning with a division of the Beijing 2022 Olympic Committee! Basically, I’m a college student who has decided to take her classroom global. Back at DU I am majoring in Finance and Chinese! I hope this blog inspires you to explore new places. Feel free to leave a comment or follow me on social media!

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Corrina Teague

South Africa– Nelson Mandela University, 2018 Fall

Corrina Teague is a Hospitality Management major. She is attending the ISA: Nelson Mandela University program in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, during the Fall 2018 term. She is hoping to have local experiences and see the natural beauties of South Africa while abroad.

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Previous Content Creators


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Thomas Enck– University of Salzburg, 2016 Fall


Joseph Aumuller– Vesalius College, 2015 Fall


Emily Graboski– University of Ottawa, 2017 Fall


Rebecca Blaustein– CIEE: Santiago, 2015 Fall


Anna Sun– China Studies Institute – Non-Immersion Track (Beijing)


Emily Wolverton- DIS: Copenhagen, 2015 Fall


Jordan Mendicino– Universita Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, 2015 Fall

The Netherlands

Cassandra Gray– CES Maastricht University, 2015 Fall


Amanda Christensen– ISA: University of Deusto, 2015 Fall

Alexander Kittoe – Academic Language Institute (Alicante), 2017 Fall

Kerry Nelson– ISA: University of Sevilla, 2015 Fall


Emily Rowe– CIS: Mahidol University, 2015 Fall