Introducing Sydney Hagen

What is/are your major(s)?

Public Policy and Psychology

What is/are your minor(s)?


What is the name of your study abroad program?

University of Glasgow

In what city & country is your study abroad program located?

Glasgow, Scotland

What is one thing that you are most anticipating about your study abroad experience?

A well-rounded education in a fresh environment. Sometimes I feel like school can get boring due to the same scenery and familiarity of one’s surroundings. I am excited to challenge myself to be immersed in not only an academic environment but also a personal one by living and learning in a new culture.

Why did you decide to study abroad? or What inspired you to study abroad?

I decided to study abroad because of DU’s amazing study abroad opportunities. I have an older brother that went to college and did not study abroad. It is one of his biggest regrets. I have cousins who were able to study abroad and they say it changed their lives. I wanted a life-changing experience and I know that I have worked so hard in school and deserve an incredible opportunity to live internationally. It will not only give me skills for my career but also my mental health and personal relationships.

Taken in Lincoln, Montana on a family vacation. Photo is of my Mom’s Boyfriend, my Mom, Myself, and my boyfriend

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