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Here you’ll find the stories and pictures of University of Denver students who have or are currently studying abroad.

If you’re a DU student interested in sharing your study abroad experiences with the DU community, email duabroad@du.edu for more information on how to be featured on the blog.

We look forward to hearing from you!

– University of Denver Office of International Education

The best way to understand another culture is to experience it, to connect with it for a prolonged period. This also encourages a deeper understanding of our own cultures as we interact with and learn from others.



2 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Hey there! I graduated from DU 2010, finished grad school at DCB in 2011. I studied abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 2008 and have actually been writing (I don’t want to say a book because it’s not really) a memoir of my travels there, a lot so I can remember things better as I start to lose my memory. Basically it’s like “The Notebook” without Rachel McAdams or Ryan Gosling and it’s about our zany adventures in South America. I have been following the blog and would love to share my experiences or share some of own words either once or on a consistent basis. My study abroad through DU was life changing and the best experience of my life. If you want anything I would be glad to write something. Thanks!

    1. Hi Jonathan!

      We would love to have you participate on the blog! Why don’t we do this–if you could submit a blog to me sometime next week at oie@du.edu, I will put it on our list for publication (probably will post the following week) and then we can talk about the potential of having a regular contribution. Basically as you can see from our posts, themes are pretty flexible. Our main audience is targetted to returnees and potential students alike, so if you could just keep in mind something that would appeal to both groups, that would be great. Feel free to email me if you have any more questions or call the I-House and ask to talk to Stephanie. We also have Digital Story workshops that are a great way of creating a mini video to reflect on your experience, so let me know if that is something you’d be interested in too! Stephanie

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