The end of studying abroad

Many DU students have been wrapping up their semesters abroad in the last week or two, and we wanted to share a few of their blog snippets with you… saying goodbye, reflecting on the experience, looking forward to home… it’s all part of the experience!

  • A goodbye letter:  Dear Senegal, I know it’s only been three months, and we knew from the beginning that it would never last, but I’m not ready to let go. I feel no shame or regret in telling you that I’ve fallen harder than I though possible. I am in love with you.”  Read more…
  • “Chile has taught me to seize the moment as well as realize that I cannot control every little detail in life. If I had come to Chile with the mindset that I was never going to change, then I would never have gotten to learn how Chileans live. Come into the country and experience with an open mind. Always ask questions. And don’t ever forget to be friendly. You may meet someone who changes your life forever.”  Read more…
  • Tips for preparing for a long flight home.
  • Photos:  “The Best of Egypt”



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