Weekend Highlights

Hi again! As I am approaching a little over one month of arriving in Aix, I have had so many great adventures, and I have met some friends I will keep for life. I’ve gotten the opportunity to travel to Avignon, Pont du Gard, Monaco and Nice. All of the students went to Avignon the second day of orientation to visit the Cites des Papes and the huge aqueduct, Pont du Gard. The following weekend, my friends and I took a trip to Monaco! We went to Monte Carlo, watched the changing of the guard and explored the city and cathedrals. Last weekend, we were in Nice for the 150th anniversary of Carnaval! There was a huge parade with floats and lots of lights! We also explored the beach during sunset before the parade! These mini excursions are so fun and this coming weekend I will be in the small coastal town of Cassis for a day!



Hi again!! It’s been about half of the semester so far, and time is flying by! We just had midterms this week, which felt very different than midterms at DU. All of my classes, except one, were in person essays and the other was a five minute speaking assessment with the professor. However, I am super excited to go on spring break next week! I will be traveling up to Paris, so I will definitely miss the sunshine all the time, but am looking forward to all the fun touristy attractions!

I was also fortunate enough to travel to Ireland last weekend to surprise my grandma who was taking a trip there! It was so exciting to see her reaction and to be with family again. While I do love it here, obviously there are moments of homesickness, and seeing my family made me feel more grounded and secure. Ireland was amazing and I am so thankful for that opportunity!