Arriving in France!

Hi everyone! My name is Darby Anson, and I’m a junior studying abroad at IAU in Aix-en-Provence, France! The first couple of weeks have been full of excitement, joy and new beginnings. Upon arrival in Aix, I was full of nerves, seeing as I was about to face so many new things. My host mom greeted me at the bus station, and she is the sweetest. I live with a housemate from Penn State about twenty minutes outside of the city center. The walk to the university is beautiful. In the evening you can even watch the sunset over the mountains. There are so many museums to visit here as well, including Musée Granet, which has so many incredible pieces of art. This city is beautiful, and I cannot wait to explore it more! 

I am a part of the French Honors Program here at IAU, so all five of my courses are in French. The teachers here are great and the courses are challenging but interesting. In addition, my language skills have improved greatly since I am speaking French at school and at my homestay. Since French is also my major at DU, I am beyond excited I got this opportunity to live here for 4 months, and this journey is just beginning!!