Spring Break!

Hi again! Spring Break flew by, but it was an amazing week! I went up to Paris for the first time this semester! It was about a three-hour train ride through the beautiful countryside. I spent the week visiting the most touristy sites, such as La Tour Eiffel, Le Louvre, Arc de Triomphe, Moulin Rouge, Sacre Cœur, and Notre Dame. The last time I visited Paris, it was three weeks before Notre Dame was engulfed in flames. While I couldn’t go inside this time, it was amazing to see the reconstruction at work.

We were lucky to have great weather in Paris, not too much rain. I also used the Paris Pass, where after you purchase the pass for 1,2,3,4-6 days, you get “free” access to a bunch of sites around Paris and small restaurants for drinks and snacks. I think it was well worth the money, as long as you plan out the locations accordingly!

My boyfriend and I also visited Dublin, Ireland for a day! We did some brief sightseeing and toured the Guinness Storehouse! It was very interesting, however, Guinness is an acquired taste…

This week was incredible, and I am looking forward to returning to Paris in the near future.


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