Vacations while abroad!

I am very fortunate to study in a location where travel is accessible and affordable. I am even luckier to have a great group of friends to travel with. A couple of our trips before our final departure were to Alicante, Spain and Hyères, France & the Porquerolles Island.

Alicante, Spain was likely my favorite trip we took. We flew out very late on a Friday and arrived to our AirBnB around 2 am. The following morning we set out for the beach where I took my first swim in the Mediterranean! When the night came to a close, we headed back to play games. The following morning we packed up for a day in the town before heading back to Aix. We visited the markets and the beach. It was a beautiful town.

The following weekend we hopped on a train to the peninsula of Hyères. The weather wasn’t the best, however our AirBnB was amazing and we had so much fun. On Saturday the weather cleared up so we headed to the Porquerolles Island by ferry. On the island we rented bikes and rode around stopping at different beaches along the way! To end the night we went on a walk by the beach to reflect on our four months together and how lucky we are to have friends like one another to cherish for a lifetime.


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