Lets talk about the elephant in the room…

Or maybe the monkey trying to take my pencil bag!!!

The first weekend of September was full of laughter, screaming, and biltong. Lots of biltong.

Meagan, Nomsa and I traveled to Addo Elephant Park, just an hour outside of Port Elizabeth. And you won’t believe what we saw! Elephants! Lots and lots of elephants!

The weekend began with us finally our tents and having an elephant hanging out right in our front yard! After we got over the excitement that came with an elephant in the front yard, we settled in for some snacks and hanging out before our game drive was to begin.

We were enjoying our porch when we noticed a pack of monkeys slowing making their way towards us. Eating my candy bar, I didn’t think much of it because I was so used to seeing the same type of monkeys on campus. As the money gang neared us, we had no idea what was going to happen within the next 2 minutes. There was an electric fence separating our tents and the yard where the elephants and monkeys were. Within the blink of an eye, the monkeys were on top of the fence, then on our neighbors tent, THEN ON OUR ROOF AND THEN ON OUR TABLE! We panicked and grabbed the bag of Fritos trying to keep them and ourselves save from the monkeys! From inside our tent we videoed the monkeys stealing spree! They tried to steal my pencil bag (which those of you who know me well know that I LOVE my pencils so you bet I started yelling at that monkey to get its hands off my pencils!) and a map of the park that Meagan and I fought very hard to get! The rampage ensued for a couple minutes with their menacing little heads poking down from the roof, stalking us – their prey. We barely escaped and you best believe I made a video telling my mother how much I love her.

After surviving our first monkey attack, Meagan and I went on a beautiful game drive and saw so many different types of animals. Throughout the entire weekend we saw: black-headed heron, elephant, buffalo, kudu, Burchell’s zebra, common duiker, warthog, scrub-hare, vervet monkeys (ugh) and flightless dung beetles!


The night ended with a beautiful braai done by Nomsa. We sat outside with caution, making sure there were no monkeys near. We taught Nomsa was a s’more was. We had to make do with the materials that we were given, such as the candy strawberry marshmallows they have here, the chocolate covered digestives we had to use for graham crackers, and the thick Cadbury chocolate bar. It was quite a s’more to remember 🙂

We ventured around a little bit the next morning and then made our way back to Port Elizabeth. Such a fun weekend overall.

Corrina Teague


Corrina Teague is a Hospitality Management major. She is attending the ISA: Nelson Mandela University program in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, during the Fall 2018 term. She is hoping to have local experiences and see the natural beauties of South Africa while abroad.

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