My Orientation week here in South Africa happened a VERY long time ago. That being said, however, I still think it was super cool and fun week that everyone should read about! We got to really experience some parts of South Africa within that small week and I think that DU should consider taking the new students to a safari park during our orientation week… 😉

As international students, we got our own orientation week with all sorts of fun adventures and good information sessions.

Day 1 of 5:

  • The took us to the Bay West mall which is this huge mall kind of in the middle of nowhere with what seemed like hundreds of stores! People were able to get housing necessities, like blankets and the such, since they still had not gotten those things yet.

Day 2 of 5:

  • Registration. What an adventure that was. Registration at DU is fairly easy for me and I can understand it pretty well. Here however, I had no idea what I was doing. It was quite complicated to figure out when classes were and at what times you needed to attend them. I thought that you could choose off the timetable what times you went but that was seriously not the case so I am very thankful that one of the women running the registration checked my timetable because I would have really messed some stuff up. It was so difficult for me to understand and complete that it actually took me until Friday to register for classes so I was lucky that I was one of the first days.

Day 3 of 5:

  • After our information sessions in the morning, we did a traditional African drumming session! We all got drums and face paint and got to learn how to do African drumming. There were people leading us in the drumming session and they also taught us how to do a traditional African dance at the end of the session! Then after our drumming session we got to make instruments out of recycled materials! After we made our instruments, they taught us traditional African songs and dances and we practiced them in little groups and then came all together and performed them for each other! It was a super fun afternoon!
  • IMG_0012

Day 4 of 5:

  • WE GOT TO SEE ANIMALS ON THIS DAY!!!! We went on a game reserve drive at Kragga Kamma which is very close to where we are living and had such amazing animals. We went on a guided tour so we were able to learn about what we were seeing but to be completely honest with you, I was so focused on the animals and how amazing they were that I couldn’t focus on the lady speaking.
  • IMG_0091 

Day 5 of 5:

  • We had a city tour in the rain and learning about different parts of the Port Elizabeth! Got to visit this Mandela monument.
  • IMG_0056

Made it out of orientation week alive with some amazing memories and photos to show for it!!

Corrina Teague


Corrina Teague is a Hospitality Management major. She is attending the ISA: Nelson Mandela University program in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, during the Fall 2018 term. She is hoping to have local experiences and see the natural beauties of South Africa while abroad.

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