Lady Slipper? More like this lady hecka slipped…

Have you ever spoken to someone that has climbed Mount Everest? That is a seriously amazing feat that people should brag about every single day of their lives. I am here to also brag about a seriously amazing thing that I did. I CLIMBED LADY SLIPPER. And holy crap was it quite an adventure.

The morning started with a lovely taxi ride to the mountain where we were all getting pumped up for this super awesome hike that we were about to complete. I don’t think anyone actually knew what we were getting ourselves into…


She doesn’t look too bad from the bottom but she was quite a trek! I wouldn’t say that I am a very unfit person but after this hike, I have never felt more unfit in my entire life!!


Entry at own risk… what an understatement that was!

The hike started just fine and I was actually keeping up with everyone that was moving extremely fast! And then out of nowhere, I was by myself trying to climb up a freaking mountain. And this was no simple hike! This was a completely uphill hike. It felt like I was just climbing straight up at some moments.

I found myself all alone on this massive mountain that was covered in brush and bushes so I couldn’t find anyone else in that area! I looked around frantically before remembering to breath and I started the journey up the mountain. I was climbing and climbing when I finally ran into civilization. I found two beautiful souls that let me join them on the hike. They were also international students who had gotten lost from the group, their names being Elise and Kaja. They let me climb with them and gave me the support I so desperately needed. They made sure to check on me every couple minutes and reminded me to keep drinking water. We climbed all the way to the top together and it was totally worth all of the pain.



I managed to find my other friends who had somehow ran up the mountain and gotten there like 4 hours before me. (maybe a little dramatic here…)





That is Meagan and I’s sad attempt at making DU with our hands…

I am not quite sure how I could have made this more dramatic but it taught me a couple things:

  1. Always say yes to adventures no matter how little you know about them. (but of course be smart about it. please don’t go get yourself hurt!)
  2. There is beauty within the pain. (wow… so deep!)
  3. I gotta work out more!!!

If you are planning to study abroad in Port Elizabeth, I highly suggest you climb Lady Slipper while you are here 🙂


Corrina Teague


Corrina Teague is a Hospitality Management major. She is attending the ISA: Nelson Mandela University program in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, during the Fall 2018 term. She is hoping to have local experiences and see the natural beauties of South Africa while abroad.

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