You say goodbye, I say hello!

DU students all over the world are wrapping up their semesters abroad, packing their suitcases, and returning to the U.S.  So many of our bloggers are reflecting on goodbyes, highly anticipated reunions with family and loved ones, and trying to wrap their heads around what their time abroad has meant for them.  Here are some blog entries to check out:

I don’t know why you say goodbye, I say hello   (yes, Gillian was our inspiration for OUR blog post! Thank you.)

Goodbye Glasgow

Europe and Africa through the Eyes of my iPhone (a collection of fave photos from this semester)

In which Facebook manages to stir up sentimentality in Taylor (from London)

Parting words (from Japan)

We’ll always have Paris

My last Spain Blog

Last Update (from Denmark)

The Penultimate Chapter (kinda sorta not really)  (York, England)

NO8DO (Sevilla, Spain)


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