Where do I belong?

Craig is a DU student studying in Japan this semester.  His blog this week reflects on being a Japanese-American in Japan, as well as his experience with culture shock:

Understandably, this would be confusing for anybody; going from being a minority to a majority would mess with anybody.  However, I also realize that I only look like the majority, but I am in fact, not a member of the dominant culture.  So I am not a part of the majority or minority.  Determining what this means has been emotionally taxing, even if I was not aware of it on a conscious level until very recently.  Figuring out where one belong is always a difficult task.  At times, I feel like I have to be both the majority and minority while simultaneously being neither the majority or minority.  The question is:  Where do I belong?

You can read his full post here.


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