Review your study abroad experience!

What is today’s most effective tool for marketing? Well, positive WOM obviously (for all you non-businessy people that is positive Word of Mouth)! Think about all of the times we have asked our friends and family for advice on where to go out to eat, what teacher to take, or what to do in a relationship.

We are constantly making recommendations based upon our past positive (and negative) experiences and study abroad is no exception to this rule! The most helpful advice one can receive about studying abroad is from those who have been on the program before- why not be a great resource to others by reviewing your adventures for everyone else to see?

Better yet, if you are a prospective study abroad student and are not quite sure what part of the world you want to explore yet, read the reviews provided by returnees. With over 7,000 experiences reviewed you are sure to find some helpful advice!

To read or post reviews visit


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