What will your future employer think of your study abroad experience?

Finding a job, paying bills…aka the real world. Before we know it those four years of ignorant bliss (to others known as college) are over and we young 20-somethings are out there facing real challenges and attempting to market ourselves in the professional world. While graduating and entering the work force may seem daunting, if not outright terryfing to some, you should know that you have aquired many valuable skills during your time at college, one of them being studying abroad.

Many think that studying abroad is simply an opportunity to spend an extended amount of time in another country while taking a few classes. However, what one may not realize is that this experience teaches you many valuable lessons and skills that are downright marketable to a future employer and help you stand out!

Riley Ellis, a fellow peer advisor at the Colorado State University study abroad office, recently wrote a blog touching on how to frame your discussion about your study abroad experience with a future employer. To find out more follow this link to her blogpost on the Academic Programs International website:



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