Ready to Post?

So, you’ve joined the blog and you’re ready to post!

Posting is really easy. Once the DU Abroad blog shows up on your Blogger Dashboard, you should be able to click “New Post” and write away! There is no limit to how much you can write, but make sure to not write a novel;-)

Once you are done with your story, advice, or have loaded your pictures, make sure you add labels! Titles and Labels are the best way for visitors to the site to find your blog, especially after it has left the main page.

Make sure your Title includes the City and Country in which you are writing about. For example: Paris, France: Try the Baguettes!

You should also Label your blog by Region. These are: Australia/New Zealand, UK/Ireland, Europe, Central/South America, Middle East, Africa, Asia.

Make sure to put commas in between phrases. If the label already exists, Blogger will usually finish the label for you.

Thank you for your cooperation! We look forward to reading your posts!


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