The Hungry, Hungry Cow

Cows in Varanasi are very common. It’s more common than running into a Zubat when you’re playing Pokemon and are exploring a cave. The problem is, there are very few naturally-occuring plants that can feed the gentle giants. So as common as it is to see a cow walking around, it’s almost as common to see the cow sniffing and licking its way through trash to find whatever food scraps it can. Some people feed the cows roti (bread), and even some feed them subzi (vegetables). Our leftovers from the night before happened to be a perfect nighttime snack for this little fellow.


Asian Elephants in Thailand

This video provides a brief history about the hardships of Asian elephants and a couple reasons why Thai elephants are treated differently than, say, the neighboring Asian elephants in Myanmar. But the overall message of this video is meant to be positive. Meet Bird and his family who live just outside of Thailand and are trying hard and succeeding in saving sixteen elephants and counting. Meet the elephants I fell in love with and experience all the emotions they are fully capable of displaying.