Introducing Brooke Orrill

What is/are your major(s)?

History, Socio-Legal Studies

What is/are your minor(s)?

International Studies

What is the name of your study abroad program?

City, University of London

In what city & country is your study abroad program located?

London, England

What is one thing that you are most anticipating about your study abroad experience?

I have been looking forward to studying abroad for many reasons. I can’t wait to immerse myself in a new culture and situation. Meeting people from around the world in my program will be just as informative and exciting. I also cannot wait to travel around the UK and Europe. I have already gone to 8 countries and looking forward to not only revisiting places but exploring new ones. The friendships will also last a life time.

Why did you decide to study abroad? or What inspired you to study abroad?

I have wanted to study abroad for as long as I can remember. I grew up with stories about my mom’s time studying abroad and the way her eyes would light up every time was inspiring enough. DU’s study abroad program was a major contributor to my decision to apply and then attend the school. Furthermore, I grew up in Southern California, so getting out of that “bubble” has always been a goal. There is no doubt my life has been privileged and having only lived in limited places has kept me more sheltered than I care to admit. Traveling abroad and studying abroad has given me the chance to see more of the world while learning more about myself.

Cinque Terra, Italy taken 09/19/2022

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