Perspectives from abroad… on the DU-hosted Presidential Debate!

That’s right, the University of Denver is hosting one of the Presidential Debates this election season!  While there are all kinds of ways to get involved here on campus, how can our hundreds of DU students abroad participate?  

Actually, DU is keen to get a global perspective on the debate and American politics.  Our students abroad are getting an in-person education on what the world thinks of the U.S. (and our politics) through their interactions with local students, professors, host families.  We need you to share those perspectives with us!

Here are ways to share those global perspectives with the DU community!

  • Apply to be a video blogger for the debate!  All DU students abroad got an email about it this week.
  • “DU Moment in Time” project: We’re creating a snapshot of the University community, across the globe, at one historic moment in time. We’re asking members of the DU community to take a photo of themselves at 6:30 p.m. MDT on Oct. 3 and email photos to
  • Join the conversation on Facebook: Read what others are saying and post your thoughts to add perspectives from abroad on the debate and the U.S. presidential election.
  • Tweet about it: Follow #debatedenver and comment on Twitter.
  • Check out the blog, written by current DU study abroad students!
  • If you’re planning to watch the debate Oct. 3, consider hosting a DebateWatch party: Many DU alumni across the U.S. are planning debate watch parties, and we thought our students abroad may want to borrow the idea. Interested? Send an email to Marketing & Communications.  We understand this may be challenging for you due to time differences, but we want you to know you’re invited to participate.

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