Introducing our 2012 DUSA Student Bloggers!

We are pleased to introduce you to this year’s official DUSA bloggers!  They’ll be posting all about their experiences and (mis?)adventures during their study abroad programs this year.  Without further ado, here they are!


Emily is a Junior at DU majoring in Journalism and International Studies with a minor in Spanish. This fall she will be studying abroad in lovely España. Kicking off with a month in the northern coastal city of Santander studying with students and faculty from the DU Spanish department, Emily will move on to live, work, and play for the next semester in the capital of Basque country – Bilbao!


Sarah is a junior at the University of Denver.  As a mathematics major/ theatre minor she plans to change the world through Calculus and emotion.  “Math may not teach us how to add happiness or our life or how to subtract pain. However, it does teach us that every problem has a solution.”  She is studying abroad in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa.


Cheyenne is an overly involved DU student possessing a weird obsession with theatre, the media, alternative jams, and carbohydrates. A double major in Theatre and Strategic Communications, Cheyenne is thrilled to be exploring the incredible city of Rome through food and photography.


Quincy Snowdon is a rising junior who will be studying in Salamanca, Spain this coming school year. While at DU, he enjoys running all over Denver, being an amateur gastronomist and listening to any and every kind of music you can manage to put on an iPod. In Spain he plans on traveling constantly, eating paella to his heart’s content and doing all of the activities he enjoys doing at DU.


Camilla is a curious, imaginative writer and jazz singer.  She is a lover of eclectic fashion, freckles, chai tea, the blues, and moon-gazing.  Camilla will be studying abroad in Exeter, England.


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