Mackenzie’s blog: Angers, France

Mackenzie is currently at Universite d’Angers through the International Student Exchange Program (ISEP).

DU students are used to having high-speed internet EVERYWHERE and ALL THE TIME.  Well, study abroad students usually find out that this is NOT the case in other parts of the world!  Here is Mackenzie’s introduction to trying to get internet in France:

Upon arrival into Angers, we were told that in order to access internet, we needed to complete a few steps online.  So, after plugging in the ethernet cord, I typed in my name, address, and e-mail using the online steps.  At the end, a message popped up, telling me that a request had been sent to such-and-such department, and that I would receive an e-mail in the next few days giving me my login and password, and then I would be able to access internet (and check my e-mail) from my room and any on-campus computers.

The madness didn’t end there.  We then found out that in order for this request to be acknowledged, we needed to receive our student card.  However, in order to receive our student card, we needed to have a French bank account.  And in order to open a French bank account, we needed to have a student card.

So really, they said, don’t expect to have internet for at least another week.

After running back and forth across town a few times a day, filling out massive amounts of unnecessary paperwork, spending a whole lot of money, and eating a few too many chocolate croissants, I finally have internet.  And, boy, it feels good!

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