Ellen’s blog: Strasbourg, France

Ellen has a beautiful blog, ripe with lovely photos and rich descriptions.  Why should you read it?  Well, have you ever eaten a snail?

With only a little apprehension, we armed ourselves with our tiny cocktail forks and went for it.  The first bite was mildly terrifying.

First, the taste–garlic, garlic, garlic, and butter.  Then you bite down and it tastes almost exactly like a scallop, but with a chewier, rubberier texture.  Then you swallow and go, “Whoa, I just ate a snail.”

The trick is to just try not think about what exactly you’re eating.  I only managed to do this about three snails in.

The verdict?  They’re ridiculously delicious and I can’t wait to eat them again.  Maybe I’ll even tackle the shell next time.

(Don’t worry, you’ll also get to enjoy pastries, cheese, and nutella with Ellen, too!)

Read Ellen’s blog at http://bonjourellebelle.wordpress.com/


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