It’s Money, Honey

Yes it is money indeed and it is also the title of this week’s World on Wednesday! We will be discussing awesome ways to find scholarships, how to budget now & while you are abroad, and how to make some of that moolah in your pocket stretch further!

Studying abroad can be one of the best experiences of your life, but let’s face it- it ain’t cheap. However, with all of the scholarships and support out there today encouraging you to go abroad, really all you have to do is learn to take advantages of these opportunities!

How great is it that one of these opportunities is being offered to you right here at DU at 6 pm  on Wednesday in the Nelson private dining room!? It really couldn’t get any better!

Of course if you can’t stop by we still want you to be able to take advantages of scholarships and such. Check out this great blog as a supplement!

Happy Studying Abroad!


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