Unique Denmark: Bike Culture

Here is my video about bike culture in Denmark. I thought it would be an interesting topic because I remember experiencing some culture shock when I got here about just how many bikes there are everywhere. I also wanted to include a few clips from the World Championship Bike Race that I took when I went to go watch it with my Danish visiting Family.

Rosa, DUSA Vlogger in Copenhagen


Thoughts between Exchange Students and Chilenos

Take a look at the opinions of the exchange students and the Chilenos. Some people get a little fired up.

– Andrew, DUSA Vlogger

Interesting Academics: Study Tour to Istanbul

This is a video about my study tour to Istanbul. I spent about a week there to study immigration with one of my classes. We mainly studied Nationalism and Kemalism, The Kurdish Question, Non Muslim Minorities, and Immigrants and Internally Displaced Peoples.


Friendly Neighborhood English Spiderman!

Hello friends!

Everyday when traveling to campus, I see a group of people practicing Parkour near a local truck ramp. For those that don’t know, Parkour is the sport of freestyle running. Basically, you have athletic people making a playground of normally dangerous urban environments. ¬†ūüôā ¬†I had to get it on film!

UK education is different… less class time… fewer assessments… focus on independent work… TONS of reading. This is going to take some time to get use to.

Thanks for tuning in!


Video bloggers – coming soon!

We just picked our VERY FIRST DUSA VLOGGERS who will be sharing their experiences through videos for the next few months! We were so blown away by all the amazing talent that DU students have in this arena, and we thank everyone who applied. It was a very difficult decision to choose… but we are SO excited to see what our Vloggers come up with. Keep your eyes on the blog for your introduction to them!