‘Tis the Season During Study Abroad

At first, I thought it would be sad to be away from home for Thanksgiving and the build up to Christmas because of being so far away from home and because Thanksgiving generally isn’t celebrated in Denmark. However, my Danish visiting family helped me make (or I helped them make) a very traditional Thanksgiving dinner so it was not so sad to be away from home. Also, there is so much Christmas spirit here in Denmark now, it is hard not to enjoy it even if I’m not with my family yet. But at least it’s late enough in the semester that everyone has friends and Danish ‘families’ to spend time with.

-Rosa, DUSA Vlogger in Copenhagen

Unique Denmark: Bike Culture

Here is my video about bike culture in Denmark. I thought it would be an interesting topic because I remember experiencing some culture shock when I got here about just how many bikes there are everywhere. I also wanted to include a few clips from the World Championship Bike Race that I took when I went to go watch it with my Danish visiting Family.

Rosa, DUSA Vlogger in Copenhagen