Talia in Paris

(Not to be confused with Emily)

Did you even study abroad in France if you didn’t see the Eiffel Tower? Obviously not. That’s why last weekend I, and some of my friends, decided to make the journey to Paris!

We started off with a quick plane ride to an airport outside of the city (we’re ballin’ on a budget, so direct to Paris was a no-go), where from there we took a bus into the city. We found our adorable boutique hotel located just a block away from one of Paris’s most famous landmarks: The Arc de Triomphe. But at this point it’s around 10pm, we’ve been traveling all day, and we’re not ready for all the major tourist attractions. So where do we go first? CHIPOTLE.

YES I know that may sound weird to some. But for three American students that have now been in Europe for two months there is simply nothing more exciting than an American chain restaurant (especially when it’s Chipotle). And let me tell you those burritos were CONSUMED. Due to the fact that DU is located within walking distance of the original Chipotle I have had no shortage of Chipotle burritos in my life and I can confidently say I’ve never eaten one as quickly or ferociously as I did in Paris.

But there’s far more to the Parisian experience than just Chipotle burritos. Just like every other day I’ve spent in France, we began our morning with a cappuccino and croissant, aka French Fuel. We explored the city, window shopping, taking pictures, and admiring the architecture, before taking our first stop at the Eiffel Tower! Although we didn’t have time to wait in the line to the top of the tower, we enjoyed the view of the tower and the famous Seine river from the park, complete with crêpes and, of course, another cappuccino.

To top off an amazing day of cultural experiences, amazing views, and good food, we headed to a French restaurant where we ate our body weights in meat, cheese, and pasta. Recharged and full, we spent our night on an “exclusive” speakeasy crawl throughout the historic city. We visited secret bars throughout Paris from different eras in time, including an American-themed 1920’s bar and a modern tequila bar hidden in alleys or in cupboards in the back of restaurants. At the end of the night we collapsed into bed for a quick power nap, before catching our 6am train back to Aix-en-Provence. For only 24 hours in the vast city of Paris, I don’t think we did half bad.  


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