The Emerald Style

A complete guide of how to dress in Ireland:

Let’s face it, fitting in to a new country starts with the appearance. Before you even let people know what your accent sounds like, they might already have an idea based off your outfit. Fool the Irish, and look the part with these simple clothing/beauty trends.

Ladies, start stocking up on leggings of every color. In fact, you only need a pair of jeans if you’re going out, or sweatpants if you’re never going to leave the house. Leggings are the moment, and truly have a chokehold on university students at Maynooth. The next article of clothing is crucial, for you HAVE TO pair your leggings with white high top shoes (usually converse but the girlies don’t discriminate). In fact white crew socks with any white shoes will suffice. Now that we’ve established the bottom half let’s talk about the top. The shirts are pretty interchangeable for they are not the center of the fit. Any crop top will work perfect because the real star of the outfit is the giant cropped puffer coat. It can be any color, but black is the most popular. If you really don’t want to haul a puffer jacket you can wear a sweatshirt with a puffer vest, but that is the only exception. Finally, to complete the look wear a slicked back high ponytail. The chances of seeing 50 girls wearing this exact same outfit in class are high, but hey, you’ll fit in.

Men, it starts with your hair. Your mullet, long hair, or even medium length hair, has got to go. Fade’s are the only hairstyle (with the slight exception of a buzzcut) that Irish men have to offer. Even though it only suits a certain style of hair, it does not stop all the lads from rocking it. To pair with the fade you’ll want to grab a pair of joggers (the more it looks like you’re going to soccer practice the better.) These joggers need to be slightly looser than a pair of skinny jeans. To pair with the joggers you have some options. Option one is the athletic half zip of either a soccer or rugby team. Option two involves the same puffer as mentioned for the girls, but instead of it being cropped it will fall just slightly below your waist. There aren’t really any rules to what color the puffer or joggers have to be, however I am almost certain if your joggers are grey your puffer has to be black.

Pictured above is Love Island’s Molly Mae and Tommy Fury perfectly representing the day to day outfit choices I see on the regular. (Image source:


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