Let’s Talk About the Fences In Ireland

Ireland has a huge problem, and no I’m not talking about the price of housing, the lack of ranch, or even the “fade” hairstyle. I am talking about the overwhelming amount of fences. In fact, if you start walking any direction in literally any part of Ireland, it quickly becomes a maze because of how many unfinished and unnecessary gates there are. There are two types of fences in Ireland and neither of them serve a purpose or are necessary.

The first type of fence in Ireland (pictured above) are the classic metal rods and spire-topped fences that are absurdly large. These gates seem to be a big deal, however, 9 times out of 10 all these do is create an almost barrier to your destination. I could respect this fence if it actually enclosed the property it was surrounding, but instead these just make it so you have to spend an extra couple minutes walking to where they gave up on building it. They are always blocking the path you want to take, and adding an extra 5 minutes to your eta, and on top of that they are IMPOSSIBLE to climb. If you can make it up the skinny sliding rods and over the sharp spires….. you deserve to be on the other side, you put in the hard work.

The second type of fence is the kind that actually serves a purpose. The kind that actually creates a barrier to the building, farm, or land it surrounds. The only issue with them? They barely make it a foot off the ground. This fence wouldn’t even stop a rabbit, it could just hop over it. The money used to build these fences would be more useful in an insurance fund towards the potential items stolen by people who simply stepped over the fence. These fences have the right idea, just a horrible execution.

It may seem dramatic when I say there is no in between, but I am 100% serious. Before studying abroad in Ireland please take into account how easily annoyed you would get at a minor inconvenience like a fence. Because they can and will affect your everyday life.


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