Welcome to London!

Hello everyone!

Thank you for tuning in to my first blog. As you just saw or will see, I have finally arrived in London, England to kick-off my study abroad adventure!

As of right now, I am suffering from jet lag really bad. Woke-up at 4pm this afternoon and missed out on two meals. Two whole meals… not a happy camper right now. Somehow, I must arrive on campus (King’s College) at 9am tomorrow. Note to future students: arrive a couple of days early because jet lag will be an issue!

I hope everyone enjoys this introductory video. Please leave comments, ideas, questions, ideas for the future!

Until next week,




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3 responses to “Welcome to London!

  1. Phil

    It’s Thunder Dragon!! Hope all is well man! Miss you already back in the states!

  2. wish i was abroad

    you are so cute JZ 😉 hope you are having a blast! miss you!

  3. Cecilia

    Joseph!!!!! I miss you already! I will definitely be keeping up with your vlog so make sure to make it interesting and as funny as this one. Hope all is going well and that you’ll get over your jet lag soon! Have the time of your life, JZ!

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