Happiness :-)

Hello everyone,

The first semester has wrapped up here at KCL. No more essays!

What better time for an image montage:-) Here’s a look at England through the eyes of me.




Teamwork, Baby!

Hello Hello!

Throughout this term, I got to work with a group of wonderful students from around the world to complete a communications project. We did a ton of secondary research, surveys, and interviews that ultimately translated into a 2500-word report and 15 minute presentation. Though group projects can sometimes be strenuous, I found this experience at KCL to be enlightening.

My teammates were definitely diverse… the ages ranged from 18 to 30… from Australia, Spain, South America, England, Africa, Japan, and America… cross-culturally bonding right here! I love them very much!

Here was our take on teamwork;-)



Where I Meet Girls…

Hello friends,

So what did I do this past weekend? I purchased a train ticket and made my way down to Oxford for their 2011 InterVarsity Debate Tournament. I joined the King’s College debate society at the beginning of the term and have been enjoying British Parliamentary ever since.

The Oxford tournament is the biggest debate competition on the European circuit every year, aside from the European Championships. I got to meet some incredibly talented speakers from all around the world, including the United States.

Many of my closest friends in the UK also do debate; you definitely build a family after traveling together for so long:-)

So this is where I also meet girls…



Leadership, Leadership, Leadership!

Hello friends,

It has been over two weeks now, so I apologise for the delay. What have I been doing? Well attending the International Leadership Association Global Conference was one.

This was my first academic conference and wanted to share with everyone.



The Little Things in Life…

Hello everyone,

It has been more than a month since I’ve been in the United Kingdom. Naturally over time, you develop some complaints about minor everyday things. So this blog will simply be about me as a drama queen.

Hope you find this at least somewhat helpful!



Welcome to London!

Hello everyone!

Thank you for tuning in to my first blog. As you just saw or will see, I have finally arrived in London, England to kick-off my study abroad adventure!

As of right now, I am suffering from jet lag really bad. Woke-up at 4pm this afternoon and missed out on two meals. Two whole meals… not a happy camper right now. Somehow, I must arrive on campus (King’s College) at 9am tomorrow. Note to future students: arrive a couple of days early because jet lag will be an issue!

I hope everyone enjoys this introductory video. Please leave comments, ideas, questions, ideas for the future!

Until next week,